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My Favorite YouTubers Part 2

Well well well, here we are again with another list of my favorite YouTubers. If you want to look at part one you can read it here. As you probably know, I watch a lot of YouTube. I even have a YouTube channel, which is very much under construction.... But what you really need to know is, I'm a fiend. I love watching YouTubers of all kinds. I mostly gravitate towards Day in the Life and Routine videos because they give me a sense of motivation and an eagerness to harness my productivity, but I also like to watch running, wellness, DIY and home decor videos as well. Without further ado, here is part two of my favorite YouTubers.

Abbey Sharp

Abbey Sharp is a registered dietitian. She mostly films videos debunking common nutrition tropes, science based wellness and my personal favorite; reviewing "What I Eat in a Day" videos. She is both sassy but respectful which is what I appreciate the most about her. She always sets a disclaimer at the top of these videos that the content is for educational and entertainment purposes and it is not an excuse to bash the person she is reviewing - this alone made me fall in love with her. I learn so much from watching her. She's also one of those YouTubers you can play in the background while you're cleaning or cooking dinner. Sure, I like visual videos as well but I can appreciate a 30 minute video filled with facts, streaming into my ear. If you want the truth about health, wellness and nutrition, Abbey is your golden ticket.

Whitney Simmons

I didn't put Whitney in my part one only because I don't watch a good chunk of Whitney's videos so, I wouldn't say she's top of my mind when I log into YouTube very morning. It's pretty obvious why people love Whitney Simmons. She's a 20 something gym shark athlete with a glowing smile, bubbly personality and seriously hilarious sense of humor. My favorite videos of Whitney's are "What I Eat in a Day" and "Day in the Life" videos. Sometimes I'll watch a Q&A here and there, but a lot of her other videos are "Beauty Routines", "Clothing and Make Up Hauls" and "Fitness Advice." Not everything she posts is my cup of tea but I love her story behind why she started her channel. She had a rough year in college that led to a deep depression and she turned to fitness to help her recover. She is so open about it and you can tell genuine she is. I truly believe when I tune into Whitney's channel, that she wants to help me live a better life, and with her tag line of "It's a beautiful day to be alive" she is an easy person to cheer for.

Linda Sun

Are you ready for some serious cuteness? Linda is a college student with a flare for a healthy lifestyle. She's not your traditional fitness YouTuber though. The most interesting thing about Linda is her personality and her healthy outlook on life is what keeps me coming back for more. Plus her adorable family make heavy appearances in her videos. She mostly posts "What I Eat in a Week" content that includes a voice over about self love and living for yourself. I highly recommend her channel

Renee Amberg

If you're looking for someone to motivate you to get your shit together, make room for Renee Amberg. Renee is a no bullshit gal, which I very much appreciate. Her videos range from "Day in the Life" to "How To's." She'll motivate you to go after your goals, master time management and live a fulfilling life.

The Ginger Runner

When I was training for the marathon, I watched a lot...and I mean... A LOT of videos on running. The Ginger Runner is run by Ethan Newberry. He covers races from The Western States to the Squamish 50/50 and beyond. He also reviews running/biking equipment and takes you on his runs. Ethan's personality is so charismatic. He draws you in and really makes you feel like he's someone you can trust. I'm incredibly jealous of his creative drive as well as his athletic feats. One of my favorite videos to watch was his 100 mile run week. If you're a runner, beginner or advanced, The Ginger Runner will give you the motivation to tie up your shoes and get out the door!

Well, I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my favorite YouTubers. Will there be a party 3? Very likely. I feel like I'm so late to the YouTube game, but who cares. It's fun to watch how people live their lives and to get advice from people who are just like me. If you're looking for inspiration in your life, give these YouTubers a watch.

Self care, self flare.



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