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My Favorite YouTubers

I watch YouTube….virtually every day. This is a new thing for me beginning some time within the past 2 years. It started when I was searching for reviews of a workout program I was doing and I stumbled on – well, I’m not sure really. Just a bunch of bomb ladies (for the most part) who are kicking ass being creative, down to earth, smart and informative. I definitely came across some terrible videos as well… as one can expect, but if you search around you can find people you vibe with. Like… these people:


I started watching Flora at some time in 2019. She’s a fitness and food blogger (as if the title did not give it away) but her bread and butter is Running. You’d be hard pressed to find a relatable, down to earth and honest YouTuber who is so knowledgable on the topic. I like her because she keeps me motivated. I’ve always learned a ton from her videos, from preparing yourself for a marathon to learning to run in the rain. Whenever I need to a boost to get out for a run, you’re sure to find me watching a video of Flora’s.

Allison Bickerstaff

Allison is a total left field YouTuber for me. Her videos are mostly Day in the Life, Morning and night routines and home decor. I’ll be honest – the reason I’m saying it’s a left field choice is because, I usually get nervous following any one who has strong religious beliefs. Nothing against them or their religion, I just have had bad experiences in the past where people have tried to pressure me to believe in something that I don’t want to and never will want to believe in and it’s left a sour taste in my mouth, but Allison doesn’t do that. Allison shares her beliefs in a way that is non threatening, non overwhelming and honestly more curious than anything. It’s part of who she is, and just a part, not the whole package. Her Day in the Life videos are my favorite because she really takes you through the joyful parts of her life, even sometimes the not so joyful… I highly recommend following her if you’re looking to bring more joy to your every day life, which Allison assures us is possible in little ways every day.


I just discovered NuttieFoodieFitness about a month ago. Her real name is Stephanie. She’s a Gym Shark athlete but that’s actually the least interesting thing about her. Yes, she’s ripped AF and I would kill for her abs BUT what really drew me in was her total goofball personality. I love her food challenges. She’ll eat all pink foods for a day, all fruits for a day, all bagels for a day… I’m not sure if she means to do this but – she promotes a balanced lifestyle and reminds me not to take life too seriously. I’m excited to see what else Stephanie, I mean, Nuttiefoodiefitness brings to the YouTube table.

Angie Bellmare

It’s hard to put Angie in a box. She’s very similar to Allison Bickerstaff. She’s very much a home decor gal, many morning and night routines and self development coaching, but she’s also a fitness vlogger. I don’t follow her for fitness because her program is an extension of Beach Body and it’s just not my scene. However, I do really love her routines, day in the life and general self help style. Legit I would love to live a life similar to hers. Big house and all.

Natache Oceane

Natache might be someone on this list you’ve heard of. Definitely a fitness vlogger but she’s more than that. She has a background in biochemistry so her videos are highly scientific and knowledgable. She doesn’t just tell you why she eats what she eats – she explains it to you – with big words that oddly she is able to make sense. Also her workouts are insane. I watch her day in the life workouts and I’m literally thinking “Normal people don’t have this much energy.” If you’re looking for any kind of motivation to eat right or get your ass to the gym, this is your girl.

Welp, this was honestly half my list. I have become such a YouTube fiend lately, it’s insane. So I’ll save my other ones for another day. Gotta keep things interesting. Seriously though, maybe I’m a weirdo for watching so much YouTube. Or maybe I’m just late to the party. Either way – I watch videos that inspire me, keep me motivated and bring me joy. Who are your favorite YouTubers? I’m always looking for more to indulge in.

Self care, self flare.



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