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Find Joy in the Little Things

Stress is……hell. Seems pretty ridiculous for my life to be so stressful. I’m young, living in a great city, eating well, employed and have a great partner. Life should be breezy AF. In a lot of ways it is. I think everyone has that one thing (or three or eight) that really stresses them out. For me, it’s finances. Oooo shocker. I’m an actor. Like, duh. I’m lucky to make some of my income from Acting, but not nearly enough to get by. In general, I’m not making enough for the lifestyle I want and honestly…it keeps me up at night. I’m constantly focused on what I can fix and it makes me spiral out of control. I wish it were more like this:

But alas, I am not sweet Sam from “Holes.” I do, however, take the time every day to point out the joy.  The little joys. Joys you don’t normally take stock of.

My Little Joys:

  1. Coming home to my partner after a long day

  2. My cat purring on my lap, fast asleep

  3. A dance party at my office with my awesome coworkers

  4. When my brother texts me with a cat gif he just had to show me

  5. Playing my guitar, just for myself

  6. Improvising with 4 of my greatest friends and acting RIDICULOUS

The list goes on and on. Whenever one of these moments happen – I take a few seconds to notice it and take it in.

Honestly…it calms me down so fast and I believe it tells the universe to send more goodness to my life. I know, so hippy dippy, but it works.

So, the next time you feel stressed, try to stay present. Take stock of the moments that you smile. Think about what you’re grateful for. Stay golden pony boy.

Life is too short to get as stressed as we do. Find the joy.

Self care, self flare.



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