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Book Suggestions! for when you're stuck inside….

If you’re anything like me, being told to stay indoors is not exactly the worst news in the world. I’m quite the home body. It’s become more and more of a regularity for me the older I get. I love a good Friday night in. (Wine and cats babay!) For some people though, this is a nightmare. Some people are social butterflies and need to be out and about. So how do we keep our brains occupied and engaged as we practice social distancing? Well there are several ways, but I’m going to tell you about my favorite way…READING.

As you already know if you read my blog or follow my YouTube, I am a huge book nerd. I admit it. I lerrrrve to read. In my opinion, the best books to read when you’re stuck inside are really gripping novels, fictional stories filled with rich character arcs…..and murder mysteries. So those will be the bread and butter of books I suggest. Let’s get into it.

Welcome to Lagos

A heartwarming/heartbreaking story about survival, escape and taking care of each other, even if you’re strangers.

The Silent Patient

A really quick read about a woman whose husband is murdered prompting her to fall silent. The book follows a psychiatrist who is determined to find out why.

The Immortalists

Four siblings as children go to a fortune teller who has the ability to tell them when they are going to die. We spend the remainder of the novel following them each through their lives and finding out whether or not the fortune teller was right.

Girl on the Train

A newly divorced woman spends every day taking the train to work, and always passing the home of a seemingly perfect couple…until one day…the woman in the couple goes missing.

An American Marriage

A young newlywed couple are settling down into married life. It’s all torn apart when the husband, Roy, is charged with a crime he did not commit…

Visible Empire

This book surrounds several lives that were Impacted by the Air France 007 flight crash. All stories are fictionalized but based on real events. I could not put this book down!

Neverworld Wake

This is a young adult novel that I absolutely loved. Four friends in High School have just lost one of their own, Jim to suicide. They’re all connected to his actions in different ways. Not long after, they find themselves in similar circumstances when they find themselves in a deathly car accident. Before they know it, they’re in purgatory and only one of them can be sent back to Earth…

The Ghost Notebooks

A married couple move from NYC to a tiny town upstate. Hannah, the wife, takes a job at a historic museum that is dedicated to an obscure nineteenth century philosopher. Soon, Hannah begins to act….strangely.

The Wife Between Us

This story is about a love triangle. Mystery and twists are involved. Need I say more?

Call Me by Your Name

While Elio spends a beautiful summer in Italy with his parents. A college student named Oliver joins to study under his father, a well known history professor. Their develop a beautiful friendship that, to their surprise, blossoms into much more.

Happy reading!

Self care, self flare.



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