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4 Week Cut Back

A few years ago Andrew and I did Whole 30. We were not fans. I get the purpose of it, especially if you're looking to find out what foods you may need to eliminate from your diet. For us who have done elimination diets in the past (much less drastic ones) and who generally eat healthy - it just feels like a month of deprivation. I can honestly say, I got nothing out of Whole 30 and neither did Andrew.

We still like to "cleanse" though....once in a while. So this month we decided to cut back on all of the things that were making us feel ill or guilty. Andrew wanted to cut back on dairy because he's clearly been having a semi severe reaction to it. I want to cut out meat because I've been having some cholesterol issues (which I know isn't only due to eating meat) but I also want to cut it out for ethical/moral reasons. We both want to dial back on the alcohol, sticking to red wine only and only on the weekends if we can help it. Plus a number of other parts of our diet we'd like to keep an eye on. Here's our plan:

Alcohol: Red Wine Only, try to stick to weekends.

Dairy: None.

Meat: Cut back on red meat. Kelly to try eating more vegan foods.

Caffeine: Stick to Oolong, or similar teas. Decaf coffee, If necessary. Sugar: Cut back on added sugars or at least be more weary of them. Andrew stay away from Candy! Wheat: Eat only whole or sprouted wheats.

This started today, January 4th and will last until January 31st. Exactly 4 weeks. So for Andrew, it's all about cutting out the dairy and sugar. For me it's about cutting out the meat and alcohol, but we're trying to do it all. I'm excited to see how we feel at the end of this! Maybe we'll feel light and feathery - or maybe it will be like Whole 30 and you'll see me downing a box of Cookie Dough Bites in a dark corner.

What are you doing for the New Year? Veganuary? Dry January? I'm so impressed by what challenges people embark on in the beginning of the year. Tell me yours!

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